When it comes to word games, Wordle is recognized as one of the top dogs due to its ease of accessibility and its simple concept. Players clamor daily to finish words in fewer guesses than their opponents, even going as far as to look up the Wordle answer for the day. However, some players have become addicted to the game, wanting to play it more than once daily.

How to Play Tomorrow’s Wordle

Date and Time’s Effect on Wordle

While there is no way to change Wordle itself to play different words on different days, there is a way to trick the Wordle system into letting you do so. Go to settings on the device you use to play. For many computers, you can change the date and time from the desktop by navigating the mouse to the bottom right-hand corner and right-clicking the date and time. For phones, you’ll just need to go to the settings menu.

Changing Today’s Date to Tomorrow’s for Wordle

Now, you can change your date and time to pretty much any setting, but if you’re looking for tomorrow’s Wordle specifically, you’ll need to move the date one day forward. Like skipping time in Animal Crossing, changing the date in Wordle will effectively speed up the countdown timer, tricking the browser game into thinking it is tomorrow. This will give you access to tomorrow’s Wordle a day early, giving you the word game fix you crave, and a head start on your friends.

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