Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin was revealed during the Square Enix E3 2021 showcase as a darker, more mature take on the Final Fantasy franchise. With hack n’ slash and Souls-like mechanics, Stranger of Paradise is a new gameplay experience for the series, one that still incorporates classic Final Fantasy DNA.

The game isn’t expected to release until sometime in 2022, but players can try a free PS5 demo for a limited time. Although Stranger of Paradise will release on PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X|S/One, and PC, the free demo is only available on PS5, currently for a limited time from June 13 through June 24.

Note: This is a stand-alone demo and saves will not carry over, so players should expect a small taste of what’s in store for the final product.

To play the trial version, head to the PlayStation Store on your PS5 (or PC) and search Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. On the Stranger of Paradise store page, press Download Demo, which will grant free access to the demo. Once downloaded, players can try the demo version during its limited availability.

After playing the demo, players are encouraged to participate in a brief survey, whose feedback will help Square Enix and Team NINJA refine and shape the game’s outcome. The survey is available within the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin game menu and should only take a handful of minutes to complete.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin follows follows Warriors of Light Jack and his two companions Ash and Jed in their struggle to prove their own destiny. On their journey, they open the Chaos Gates, hellbent on a mission to defeat Chaos, a familiar Final Fantasy antagonist who dates back to the original game. Will these heroes prove themselves as the destined Warriors of Light in this darker vision of the series? 

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