The Dredge is a horrific-looking killer included in Chapter 24: Roots of Dread DLC. The Dredge has unique abilities to surprise and terrify players with darkness and teleportation. The Dredge’s Reign of Darkness power and Night Cycle ability can be devastating to survivors in many situations. The Dredge is a strong killer, but how do you play them?

The Dredge is an interesting killer that requires a little bit of strategy and knowledge of perks to play effectively. The Dredge has a few unique gameplay mechanics that you should understand before playing. First, it is important to understand all of The Dredge perks.

Dredge Perks

  • Dissolution — Shortly after injuring a survivor, if they fast vault over a pallet in your terror radius, The Entity will break the pallet.
  • Darkness Revealed — When you search a locker, any survivor within eight meters of any locker is revealed to you.
  • Septic Touch — After injuring a survivor, a healing action performed in your terror radius will activate the Exhausted and Blinded status effect on the survivor.

The Dredge perks are very helpful with keeping up with survivors after injuring them and Darkness Revealed is a very powerful perk with the powers the Dredge uses, which is the next thing to note when playing the Dredge.

Screenshot via Behaviour Interactive

Reign of Darkness

The first part of the Dredge’s Reign of Darkness power is to understand how to teleport. The Dredge can use the ability button to teleport to any locker it is looking at and leave behind a remnant. The Dredge can then teleport back to the remnant, teleport to another locker on the map by consuming a power token, or can exit the locker.

The Nightfall ability in the Reign of Darkness power will be one of your best weapons against survivors. The Nightfall meter will rise anytime you injure a survivor, hook a survivor, or teleport. Once the meter is full, Nightfall automatically activates, plunging survivors into complete darkness with only the Dredge visible. Use this ability to quickly teleport between lockers and chase survivors without them able to see anything.

Tips for playing the Dredge

  • Teleport to different lockers as often as possible. This will fill the Nightfall meter and keep survivors guessing where you are.
  • Search lockers with the Darkness Revealed perk. The radius that can pick up survivors is wide and can find survivors even across the map.
  • Teleporting back to the Remnant from the locker will trigger tokens regenerating, so you can teleport more.
  • During Nightfall, teleport to lockers to keep survivors from seeing you approach.
  • During chases, keep survivors in the terror radius to activate your perks.

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