The Tears of Themis Revisiting Youth event runs from August 24, 2022, to September 14, 2022. The main highlight of this event is a dice board game, which takes you and your date-of-choice around Stellis High School’s Campus Open House. You can change partners anytime to receive different upgrade items and see different cutscenes.

Understanding how the board game works will help you optimize your gameplay so that you can maximize rewards and not miss any important landmarks. You can access the dice event by clicking on the Revisiting Youth icon above the X-Note. The board game can initially be a bit overwhelming, so here’s a breakdown of the gameplay mechanics.


Click on the dice at the bottom of the screen to roll a number from one to six, which will determine the number of steps you take. You will naturally recover one die every hour.


There are various cells that you can land on, and each will result in a different task, reward, debate, or riddle.

  • Riddle Cell: DAVIS will ask you a question and will grant you Wishing Coins for answering it correctly.
  • Gift Cell: You will receive a reward—usually upgrade materials.
  • Job Cell: You will receive an Investigation task, which usually involves stopping on a Riddle Cell within the specified number of turns.
  • Wealth Cell: You will receive Wishing Coins.
  • Supply Cell: You will receive one die.
  • Multiplier Cell: You will receive a buff that will increase the number of rewards you receive by stepping on a certain number of cells. This can increase the rate for obtaining Wishing Coins, gifts, and more.
  • Luck Cell: You can select one of two random items that can help you play the board game.

Wishing Coins can be used to redeem a number of items in the event exchange shop, such as upgrade materials, Home Deco Vouchers, Selection Stars, and more.


You can collect various items by completing tasks and obtaining them from reward cells. These are very useful for helping you progress through the game board.

  • Greeting Card: Grants you 10,000 Stellin.
  • Rollerblades: Move 10 steps.
  • Buttercream Decorations: Levels up the Celebratory Cake.
  • Game Challenge Voucher: Summons school staff in a nearby cell.
  • Penguin Slippers: Activates the next five cells that you pass through.
  • Loaded Dice: Allows you to choose the number of steps to take from one to six. It doesn’t consume any regular die rolls.

It’s highly recommended to save some critical items, like the Loaded Dice, for completing tasks or reaching Teleport Points. You can use these items anytime.

Teleport Point

Apart from the above cells, you may also encounter a cell that looks like a purple portal, which signifies the position of the Teleport Point. It’s highly recommended to always land on a Teleport Point with the help of items, as it will transport you to the Classroom Cafe, where you can encounter a second board containing all Gift, Supply, or Wealth cells, or a combination of the three, plus Multiplier cells.

The counter on the upper left of the board game will tell you how many more steps you need to take for a Teleport Point to spawn. The first Teleport Point will spawn at 100 steps, while the other five will spawn at 200 steps each.

You can only enter six Teleport Points throughout the event, and successfully doing so will reward you with an event badge.

Special NPCs

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

There are three types of people that you can encounter in random cells around the game board:

  • School staff
  • The event boss, Mavic
  • The principal

The school staff will grant you up to 36 Wishing Coins based on the amount of damage you deal during the debate.

Meanwhile, defeating Mavic in a debate will grant you S-Chips depending on the difficulty level. If you fail to defeat him, you can chase him around and keep trying until you succeed.

DifficultyHPRecommended PowerS-Chip Reward

The third Event Staff is the principal who will ask you a question with no correct answer. Answer anything to receive a random item reward.

Celebratory Cake

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The Celebratory Cake can be leveled up by completing an entire lap around of the game board or using Buttercream Decorations. The higher the level, the more reward options you get upon encountering a Luck Cell.

  • Level 1: Wishing Coin, Loaded Dice
  • Level 2: Wishing Coin, Loaded Dice, Rollerblades
  • Level 3: Wishing Coin, Loaded Dice, Rollerblades
  • Level 4: Wishing Coin, Loaded Dice, Rollerblades, Game Challenge Voucher
  • Level 5: Wishing Coin, Loaded Dice, Rollerblades, Buttercream Decorations
  • Level 6: Wishing Coin, Loaded Dice, Rollerblades, Buttercream Decorations, Penguin Slippers
  • Level 7: Wishing Coin, Loaded Dice, Rollerblades, Buttercream Decorations, Game Challenge Voucher
  • Level 8: and above: Wishing Coin, Loaded Dice, Rollerblades, Buttercream Decorations, Penguin Slippers

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