Super People is an upcoming battle royale game by developer Wonder People. It promises to revolutionize the BR genre and allows players to control super-powered characters. Currently, there is a closed beta going on, but players can sign up to join it. You may be wondering how to play the Super People BR beta.

How to sign up for Super People Closed Beta Test?

To play the beta for Super People you can either request access directly through Super People’s Steam page or sign up for the beta through Wonder People’s official website. Wishlisting the game on Steam will increase your odds of being selected according to their site.

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The beta for Super People runs from Dec. 6, 2021, until Dec. 26, 2021, which means there is plenty of time to try the game out. Players can try out the characters and their unique skills as they try to survive against other players.

Trying out the game in beta is not only a great way to see if the game is something you are interested in, but can also help the developer get valuable feedback to further improve the game. Those interested in a potentially hot new BR should sign up for the beta!

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