Being a horror adventure game, Pacify provides little to nothing to keep its players engaged and guessing. Still, this explorative part can confuse new players in understanding the core objectives and missions required to complete the game. To complete Pacify, You need to escape the haunted mansion by performing an exorcism on a little girl called Emilia, but it is not as simple as it sounds.

Objective of Pacify

As mentioned earlier, the primary objective of the game is to escape the haunted villa. To do this, you must find and burn all the ten marked dolls in the basement boiler while dodging a possessed girl called Emilia.

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Locating the Keys and Dolls

To find the Marked dolls in the game, you must first find and locate the various keys in the map. These keys will, in turn, allow us to access the several rooms and doors containing the Marked Dolls. The various keys include:

  • Hall Key
  • Bedroom Key
  • Attic Key
  • Basement Key
  • Main Door Key (Optional)

You can easily find all the keys by just exploring each room and waypoints.

Remember, these are just keys that will help you access all the parts of the mansion. The location of the Marked dolls may vary within each access point as they have life and can run.

Different Types of Dolls

Image via Shawn Hitchcock

There are two different types of dolls in the game, Marked Dolls(white color) and Pacify Dolls(Colored ones). The former dolls are required to perform the exorcism, while the latter can pacify Emilia from time to time.

Evading Emilia

Emilia has two modes, one is the normal mode, and the other is the rage mode.

  • Normal mode: During this mode, Emilia will not attack you but will steal a pacify doll if you are holding one.
  • Rage mode: In Rage mode, she will try to attack and turn you into a doll. To stop this from happening, you must immediately give her a Pacify Doll to stun her.

Burning the Marked Dolls

Image via Shawn Hitchcock

After locating the Marked dolls, Go to the basement and burn the dolls one by one using the wood lying around near the boiler. After burning all the dolls, the spirit will leave Emilia. You can either burn her body in the boiler or carry it to the van outside the house to finish the game.

Pacify – General Tips & Tricks 

  • There are five keys available inside the game. But only four are required to complete the entire game.
  • During Normal mode, Emilia can be spotted easily with her footsteps.
  • Emilia moves at a much faster speed with each burnt Marked doll.
  • All the dolls and woods are available in limited quantities, so use them carefully!
  • If you turn into a doll, go to the basement and burn yourself to get back to your original size.

All the above instructions are for the single-player and co-op mode. For PVP mode, try to simulate the given role to your best knowledge.

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