Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is the ultimate way to prove that you are smarter than your family! Challenge them in various mental activities, including mini-games testing memory, identification, and more. But what you might not know is that Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain includes online functionality.

To play online in Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, you must enable Online Features in the settings menu. You can turn it on or off at will whenever you want. Doing this will allow you to participate in Ghost Clash and Rankings.

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In Ghost Clash, you will compete against other players’ data. This will let you see how you compare against your friends or those worldwide. This is a great way to earn some bragging rights and showcase that big brain of yours.

One thing to note is that your information will be displayed while enabling this feature. This includes your avatar, age, country, and occupation. So make sure that you and your family members are okay with allowing online and having this information available.

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