Neon White combines FPS with fast-paced platforming to create a unique speed-running experience. You may have issues as you journey through the various levels of Heaven fighting demons. Below, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you in Neon White.

Neon White Beginner’s Guide

Neon White’s movement and shooting systems combine to create a unique gameplay experience. Learning these mechanics and the routes to the goal will get you the best score. Here are some tips and tricks for beginners in Neon White.

Learn the cards

Each card is a weapon but also offers a mobility ability. Pistols allow you to jump; rifles can bomb jump you; etc. Mastering these is not only required to reach the end of the level but also to score that coveted Ace Medal. You can carry up two different types of cards at once, not including your katana, and can switch between them.

Take your time

This may sound counterintuitive, but stop and look around. Take note of any shortcuts or dead space where there are no demons. Shortcuts allow you to shave off precious time from your score, and dead spaces can be skipped altogether. You don’t have to get an Ace on your first try, so it is worth it to plan your path.


If you don’t succeed, try again. You can press the reset button to instantly start the level over. You can use this to your advantage by testing shortcuts to see if they work or not. Try out different routes until you find the fastest one to get the best score.

Stay grounded

Try to avoid jumping or falling as much as possible, as this will slow you down. You are always faster on the ground unless you have certain cards, especially on water surfaces. Avoiding airtime allows you to keep your momentum and get a better score.

Gifts and Hints

Every level contains a gift and hint, though they must first be unlocked by earning a Silver or Gold medal. Gifts can be given to the other Neons to unlock dialogue, side quests, and memories. Unlocking the hint will show you a faster route to the goal, allowing you to score a better time.

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