Midnight Ghost Hunt is Vaulted Sky Games multiplayer horror hide-and-seek game. Players will control ghosts who possess objects or hunters who must track down the ghosts. While there is no release, Vaulted Sky Games has announced that they will be holding a beta starting on Jan. 28 that will run through Jan. 31.

To sign up and play the Midnight Ghost Hunt beta, head to the game’s official Steam page and click the Request Access button. This will sign up players up for a chance to participate in the beta. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that you will be selected.

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Vaulted Sky Games have published a list of what players can expect in the second beta. These are some of the new features included.

  • Map Polishing (Mansion, Museum, and others have had work done).
  • Matchmaking (Fixed some backfilling issues as well as other bugs).
  • Progression (Ghost shards now can unlock gear as well as cosmetics).
  • Ghost Skins (We have nine ghost skins for you to choose from).
  • Bots (Both Hunter and Ghost bots are ready for testing).
  • Anti-Cheat
  • Vaulting

Those who participated in the previous beta simply need to reinstall the Midnight Ghost Hunt beta application on Steam and update it. So what are you waiting for, go sign up for your chance to participate in the beta now!

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