To play local coop with your friends in Death Trash, you will need to first log in to the game and have a controller plugged into your PC. 

When a controller is plugged into your PC, you will be able to play local coop in Death Trash by hitting ESC to go to the menu options tab.

At the main menu tab, you will be able to start a local coop game by hitting the option that says local coop mode.

Clicking or pressing this option will then present you with a list of options as follows.

  • Single Player
  • Controller Controller
  • Mouse Controller
  • Controller Mouse
  • Switch Sides
  • Switch Characters

Controller and controller is the setting you will want to choose if you and your friend want to both play with controllers. Mouse and controller is where the first player plays with a mouse and keyboard while the 2nd player uses the controller. 

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For controller and mouse, it’s the other way around, the first player plays with a Controller, and the 2nd player plays with mouse and keyboard. 

The switch sides option will change the section of the screen assigned to both players, and switch characters will allow you to switch your character for the second player’s character. Now for the final option, singleplayer, it just sends you back into singleplayer mode.

However if you don’t want to play local coop mode in split screen mode, you can always change the mode from split to shared screen mode via the option to do so in coop under options.

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