Junkrat is the demolitions expert of Overwatch 2, armed with several mines and grenades. He excels in crowd control, launching bouncing explosives into clusters of enemies and dealing massive damage. With the advent of Overwatch 2, Junkrat has experienced a couple mechanical changes, slightly altering his playstyle. Here’s how to play Junkrat in Overwatch 2.

Junkrat hero guide for Overwatch 2

What is Junkrat’s role in a team?

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Junkrat is a damage character, giving him a short buff to movement and reload speed upon an elimination. His role in a team is punishing grouped up enemies with a constant flow of bombs. His strengths are high mobility and consistent damage output. Junkrat is especially effective against shields, since his projectiles have a fast fire rate and can rapidly deplete a shield’s health. His Frag Launcher projectiles bounce off walls and explode shortly after, unless they directly hit an opponent. These bombs also deal area-of-effect damage, increasing their crowd control potential.

How is Junkrat different in Overwatch 2?

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In Overwatch 2, the size of the bombs from Junkrat’s Frag Launcher have increased from 0.2 to 0.25. This makes the projectiles easier to land, as well as making his area-of-effect damage more forgiving. Junkrat’s Steel Trap damage has been increased from 80 to 100, and its deploy speed has improved from 10 to 15. As a universal Damage hero passive, Junkrat now receives movement and reload speed after an elimination.

Junkrat’s abilities, listed

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Here are Junkrat’s abilities, along with their purpose in battle.

  • Concussion Mine
    • Throws a mine that deals damage and knocks back enemies. This mine does not immediately explode, but it can be detonated with the alternate fire button.
  • Steel Trap
    • Places a trap which immobilizes enemies upon contact. This trap is often used in conjunction with the Concussion Mine. Several players deploy the trap, place a Concussion Mine on the trap, then detonate it when an enemy becomes immobilized.
  • Total Mayhem (Passive)
    • Junkrat’s projectiles do not deal self-inflicted damage. When you die, you drop several bombs at your place of death.
  • Role: Damage (Passive)
    • Eliminations give Junkrat a burst of increased movement and reload speed. This passive is universal to all Damage heroes.
  • Rip-Tire (Ultimate)
    • Drive an exploding tire that can climb up walls and can be detonated on command. If you do not pre-emptively detonate the tire, it will explode when time runs out.
    • The Rip-Tire is most effective when used in a cluster of enemies, since it deals enough damage to instantly eliminate most heroes. It can be destroyed by opponents, so make sure to be unpredictable in the tire’s movements.

Junkrat tips and tricks

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After playing Junkrat for an extended amount of time, there are a few gameplay tricks you pick up. Here is some advice for newer Junkrat players.

  • Since your Concussion Mines do not cause self-inflicted damage, they can be used as a mobility trick. If you place a mine under your feet and detonate it, it launches you up into the air, which can be repeated in mid-air.
  • When using Junkrat’s Frag Launcher, experiment with the concept of ricochet. Instead of firing directly at the enemy team, try firing at a nearby wall to make projectiles more unpredictable. This can also be used at choke points to create a terrifying and bomb-filled entrance.
  • If you fire the Frag launcher at the same area every time, your projectiles will become predictable and easy to dodge. Try launching bombs at different altitudes and directions. This will also make it more difficult for enemies to predict where you are located.
  • Your Concussion Mines have a surprisingly far range, so don’t be afraid to aim for targets at a long distance. When you do shoot for a long-range mine, keep gravity in mind, and aim higher than you would normally.

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