With a brand new update comes brand news features, and one of these is being able to play with more people. Now you can play in a lobby with 15 people, which makes three Imposters be among the group.

To change the options to allow 15 player lobbies is incredibly straightforward, but if differs slightly depending on if you are hosting or trying to find a game to join.

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How to host a 15 player lobby in Among Us?

If you are hosting, all you have to do is select Online and then Create Game, like normal under the Host tab. From there, under the Max Players, select 15. This is a new number, as, before this update, you could only play in lobbies of up to 12 people.

This menu also allows you to change the number of Imposters the game has, so if you want to ramp up the difficulty, you can change it from three to two.

Once you are happy, click confirm and you’ll have hosted a 15 player lobby.

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How to join a 15 player lobby in Among Us?

If you just want to find a 15 player lobby already filled with people instead of hosting and waiting for them to find you, then you can.

Select Online, then press Find Game, which is under the Public tab. Select the map that you desire to play on, as well as the number of Imposters you prefer to have.

By setting the Imposters to three, you’ll only find 15 player lobbies, but if you have selected less, scroll through the list of available games that have X/15 on the right-hand side. Join the lobby and jobs done.

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