To most, Tag is a game that needs no introduction. Even when the words “Zombie” or “Freeze” are thrown in, the game itself still follows the same traditional rules children adhered to back in the 1700s. One player must tap another player, and the other must evade being caught. Not a lot has changed since its inception, and VRChat, of course, is no different.

How to play Freeze Tag

  • When beginning a game of Freeze Tag, players are assigned to one of two roles: the runner, or the tagger. If a player has green hands, then they will begin the game as a runner. If the player has red hands, then they will be the tagger.
  • Once the game begins, both sides will have a total of five minutes to complete their assigned tasks.
  • If a tagger successfully hits a runner, then that runner becomes locked in place. In order to be set free, another runner must tap them. If the five minutes end and all runners have been tagged, then the tagger claims the win. If even a single runner is left untagged, then the runners take the win.

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How to play Zombie Tag

  • Like Freeze Tag, Zombie Tag begins with two teams being assigned their roles. If a player is marked in green, then they will begin the game as a human. If a player has a red marker, then they will start as a zombie.
  • Over a fiveminute game, humans must avoid being tagged by a zombie. If a single human is still standing after the end of the game, the human team wins the round. If all humans have been tagged by a zombie, then the zombie faction claims the win.

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