Fortnite is coming to iOS and Android for a limited time period via GeForce Now closed beta. NVIDIA recently announced that the touch-friendly version of Fortnite will be delivered through cloud gaming service, and would use the Safari Web browser and GeForce Now Android app.

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The beta is open for registration for all GeForce Now members. However, this will be a limited-time invite-only closed beta designed to examine touch controls and server capacity. As mentioned in NVIDIA’ official blog, players will have to follow three simple steps to join the waitlist for a chance to access the closed beta. Here are the detailed steps you can follow to join the waitlist:

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  • Login with your NVIDIA account and simply sign the registration form to sign up for the closed beta
  • Select your preferred device on which you want to play the closed beta, you can pick more than one
  • New members will need to sign up for GeForce Now, and you do not need the paid version to be eligible for the closed beta

Invitations will be sent to players directly and only a handful will be allowed during this limited-time phase. NVIDIA informed that players can expect more announcements to follow once the closed-beta ends, and there is no exact timeline on how long it will last.

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