Want to play some trivia after your daily Wordle game? If so, check out this new trivia Wordle spinoff that challenges you to rank the top five of any given trivia subject and refreshes daily.

How to play Factle

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Factle is a trivia ranking guessing game inspired by Wordle. Input your guesses in the first row by clicking on each tile. Once you feel confident in your guess, submit it by hitting the Enter button on the bottom left side of the page. You’ll be given gray tiles for incorrect, green for correct, and yellow for correct but in a different place. There are five total chances to get the trivia prompt correct.

Best Factle Strategies

Here are some strategies that you can use for performing better at Factle:

  • Don’t rush your guesses, since you only give five chances.
  • Take your time, as the game is not timed. You have a whole day to complete a game.
  • If you are having trouble thinking of what a tile should be, try to eliminate which choices you know are incorrect.
  • If you’re really stuck, place all new tiles on the board, regardless of the correct answers you already have. This will hopefully give you a yellow tile or two.

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