One of the most important aspects of Moonbreaker is your captain. This often determines what playstyle you are using and the strategies that will help you win. Of the three captains, Extilior is the only melee captain. This may leave you wondering how to play him and the best units and Assists in Moonbreaker.

Best strategies for Extilior in Moonbreaker – Tips and Tricks

As Extilior is a melee captain, there are two options for how to play him. You can either focus on rushing your opponent down and getting across the board quickly with melee units, or you can use strong ranged units and have powerful melee units to defend them. We prefer a rush-down tactic ourselves, but both can be viable.

When playing Extilior as a rush-down roster, you want to close the distance between yourself and the opponent as fast as possible. Crankbait and Chuck & Co. are great for moving your units forward or bringing the enemy to you. We suggest using Extilior’s Shield of Hope to cover your advance forward and letting him score kills to provide more shielding.

If playing Extilior more defensively, you will want to set up your strong ranged units first and then form a defensive perimeter around them with your melee units. If you can find a location with lots of hard cover, you can dart in and out with your ranged units to attack and keep your melee units behind cover until they need to strike. Shield of Hope is also great here to prevent any chip damage your opponent inflicts.

Best Unit Roster for Extilior in Moonbreaker

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Extilior’s roster should use lots of heavy-hitting units and lower-cost units to fill in the gaps. Whether you are playing rush-down or defensively, you will want a healing unit to keep your roster healthy while advancing or emerging from cover to attack. Here are our recommendations for the best Extilior rosters in Moonbreaker.

  • Extilior Rushdown Roster
    • Blindsider Eztli
    • Chuck & Co.
    • Crankbait
    • Detonia
    • Maximus
    • Shrapnel
    • Snarling
    • Stitchy McPatchy
    • Toxoid
    • Quetzalli (Substitute)
  • Extilior Defense Roster
    • Beatris, Enforcer
    • Broken Vengeance
    • Florio, Lancer
    • Jailbreak
    • Micoani Thicket
    • Novian Bulwark
    • Stitchy McPatchy/Ursix Nectarvine
    • Switchback
    • Torian, Guardian

Best Assists for Extilior in Moonbreaker

The best Assists for Extilior will depend on your playstyle, but Cinder Infusion, Stimburst, and either Disruptor Beam or Vortex Beam are good choices. Cinder Infusion provides you with extra Cinder to play your costly units, while Stimburst and the beam Assists provide you with needed mobility. So you should prioritize picking one of these Assists at the start.

Picking a damage Assist like Plink or Orbital Strike also helps Extilior’s roster score kills. Other good choices for a rush-down roster include Nano Shield and Ion Storm. If you play defensively, picking up Stasis Field, Lifeline, and Stowaway are choices.

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