Escape Simulator is a jolly, fun time where you or a group of friends attempt to escape from various rooms. These are filled with puzzles and challenges that can become tricky, so having multiple players is helpful. So you might be wondering how to play co-op and multiplayer.

To play co-op and multiplayer in Escape Simulator, select Play Co-op from the main menu. This will allow you to either create a game or join a game. Select either option. If you create the game, you can invite friends from your friend’s list or send them the room code. Once all your friends are present, simply start the game!

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Developer Pine Studio recommends playing with two or three players for the pre-built levels. But you can play with however many you prefer. Escape Simulator offers workshop and fan-made levels that can support up to twenty players.

Playing with friends not only improves your chances of escaping but also makes the game more fun. Some puzzles can be challenging, and some crazy shenanigans can break out when trying to solve them, so grab a friend and enjoy!

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