Dordle is just like Wordle, only doubled! This may seem a bit scary and confusing, but we promise it’s just a matter of getting used to the new layout and multitasking. The rules are the same, and only small details like the number of guesses are different from the classic Wordle game.

How to Play Dordle

To open Dordle when you go to the website, click Daily Dordle or Free Dordle on the main menu.

Dordle is pretty simple to play, as it is very similar to Wordle. The game has two different modes: free play and daily. Daily mode and free play both work the same way. The only difference is that in daily mode, players have the same word as everyone else for the day. Free play mode endlessly brings up random puzzles for you to play at your leisure.

When playing either mode, the rules are the same. It is like Wordle, except for the caveat that players are simultaneously guessing for both words. There are seven guesses available for both words together. Yellow squares mean that the letter is within the word but in a different spot. Green tiles mean that the letter is in the correct location.

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Dordle Tips for Beginners

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The first word is the most important part of a Dordle puzzle. You want to choose a word that will help you narrow down results quickly. Don’t waste your first letter choosing double letters or rare letters like Q or Z. Words that use a lot of popular letters like RATIO, CREST, AUDIO, and IRATE are typically good guesses. Keep in mind that a lot of words end with ER, R, E, or S. This can help you narrow down words in your head.

Make sure to pay attention to both words while you play, and don’t give too much attention to a word that is stumping you. This is an easy way to end up wasting guesses. Take your time when guessing. Dordle is not a timed game, so use as much time as you need to plan each guess strategically. Use some scrap paper if you find it hard to map out your guesses in your head.

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