If you want to play the Company of Heroes 3 Pre-Alpha preview, you will first need to create an account Relic Link account or log into your existing one. 

After your account is either logged in or set up, you will then need to find the option to link your Steam account to your relic account. The option will be on the main page, so find it and hit. Soon after hitting the Company of Heroes 3 sign-up option, you will need to log into your steam account and link it to your relic account. 

When this step is finished, Company of Heroes 3 will appear in your account automatically, and all there will be left to do is to download it and fire it up. If you don’t know how to download it, simply right-click on it and hit install, and let the Steam launcher do the rest. 

Once the game finishes downloading, you will be able to play either as the United States or Great Britain across a brand new theater of war never seen before in the series, the Mediterranean. You will also be able to play starting today July 13th 11:00am PDT to August 3rd 19:00 PDT.

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