For the first time in Madden, you can play as a Cornerback in Face of the Franchise mode. In Madden 23, your Face of the Franchise experience doesn’t start in college or as a rookie but starts as you secure a free agent contract for the team of your choice.

The first step in Face of the Franchise is picking your build, customizing your player, then choosing your position. After that, you will get your first taste of contract negotiations. Each team will send you an offer with a salary and bonuses for your skill points. After you choose the team you want to play for, you will be introduced to weekly activities and story scenes.

How to play CB in Face of the Franchise games

Once you have created your CB, it is time to take them to the field. Your first few games in Face of the Franchise will be short pre-season games, but it is the perfect way to learn the new position. Playing CB can be a little mundane against heavy-rushing teams. Still, a lockdown corner that gets thrown to is a great gameplay experience.

You can call defensive plays during games, so you can always be ready for what coverage you will be in. Depending on if you are in zone or man-to-man coverage, your positioning and moveset will change. If you are in man-to-man, you will want to stay close to your man, but you will also want to press them or give them a cushion based on the play and receiver. If you are in zone coverage, you will want to watch for any receivers entering your zone and keep track of the WR1 on your side. Here are the controls that can help you play lockdown CB.

Press WRX+Left Stick Direction (PlayStation), A+Left Stick Direction (Xbox)
Defensive AssistHold L1 (PlayStation), Hold LB (Xbox)
Intercept PassHold Triangle when the ball is in the air (PlayStation), Hold Y when the ball is in the air (Xbox)
Swat PassPress Square when the ball is in the air (PlayStation), Press X when the ball is in the air (Xbox)
Play ReceiverHold X when the ball is in the air (PlayStation), Hold A when the ball is in the air (Xbox)

Using Defensive Assist in Face of the Franchise can be a little wonky since the assist will often drag you to the closest player, not your zone. Defensive Assist works well when used at a play’s tail-end to ensure you did not lose any receivers in your area.

Intercepting, swatting, or playing the receiver occurs when the ball is thrown toward your player. With the new FieldSense system, passes can be put in the exact spot a receiver needs them, or the skill-based passing can occasionally cause inaccurate passes.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

The most important thing to remember when playing CB in Face of the Franchise is that you will not always do well in games, but that is the life of a CB. Equipping abilities and X-Factors will help your player improve along with the attribute upgrades. Ultimately, playing games is the best way to gain experience for both you and your created player.

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