Back 4 Blood is the latest cooperative shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, the development studio behind the classic Left 4 Dead franchise. One of the most popular aspects of this franchise is the focus on playing with friends. Teamwork is essential for those aiming to complete the game, but can players enjoy split-screen just like the good old days?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way for players to play Back 4 Blood Splitscreen. Unlike Left 4 Dead, only one player can play on a console or PC at once when participating in Back 4 Blood. If players want to party up with their friends, they’ll need to ensure everyone interested in playing has a personal copy. Turtle Rock Studios hasn’t commented on if there are plans to add split-screen play later, but fans are hoping to hear more from them in the coming months.

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Back 4 Blood may not have a split-screen mode, but it does have crossplay that allows players from any platform to join up and take on the undead together. Back 4 Blood is out now for current and next-generation consoles as well as PC.

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