One of the most important aspects of Moonbreaker is your captain. This often determines what playstyle you are using and the strategies that will help you win. One of the best captains in the game is Astra, which may leave you wondering how to play Astra and what the best units and Assists are in Moonbreaker.

Best strategies for Astra in Moonbreaker – Tips and Tricks

Astra is the most versatile captain, thanks to her great abilities. As such, you can play a variety of different ways and even change your tactics mid-game depending on your units and Assists. Her flexibility lends itself to different playstyles, but we recommend playing somewhat cautiously and placing units on the board before making a push. Astra’s various options also let you see what your opponent is doing before making a choice yourself.

A good strategy with Astra is to place low-cost units out at first, then use her Boost Morale ability to reduce the cost of your higher-cost units. You can then play these for less Cinder and use her other ability to remove the stun from summoning. This tactic lets you play high-cost units and use them on the same turn.

Whenever possible, you should let Astra finish off an enemy as this gives you free reinforcement. We recommend keeping at least one or two units in your Bridge at all times, as this lets you use Boost Morale each turn and keep your unit costs low.

Best Unit Roster for Astra in Moonbreaker

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Astra has a lot of versatility as to which units work best with her. With her ability to reduce Cinder cost, your higher-cost units become easier to play. That being said, we prefer a focus on ranged units, but keeping a few melee units is good for when your opponent rushes you. Here are our recommendations for the best roster for Astra.

  • Axel Pyro
  • Blindsider Eztli
  • Broken Vengeance
  • Florio, Lancer
  • Maximus
  • Rickety Backfire
  • Stitchy McPatchy
  • Switchback
  • Torian, Guardian

Best Assists for Astra in Moonbreaker

There are many Assists that benefit Astra, but we recommend Cinder Infusion and Stowaway as two you should prioritize. Cinder Infusion will let you flood the board with your low-cost units and use as many abilities as possible, while Stowaway keeps your Bridge stocked with units.

Other good choices for Assists for Astra include Disrupter Beam and Vortex Beam to get more control over the arena. Medical Recall is another good choice as it heals a unit and lets you further reduce its cost. Lastly, Plink, Orbital Strike, and Corrosive Particles are good ways to inflict more damage.

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