If you want to play the Ashes of Creation Alpha, you will need to participate in giveaways on the official website. In these giveaways, players are able to earn access to Alpha. However, you can also gain access by pre-ordering the game.

You can pre-order the game at the official site for the game, but there will be multiple versions you can pre-order. If you want to gain access to the ongoing Alpha, you will need to purchase the Adventurer Pre-Order Package that currently runs for $500. The Adventurer Pre-Order Package will also grant you access to the second Alpha and the first and second beta.

However, if you are just interested in the second Alpha, you also get access through the Wayfarer Pre-Order Pack for $75. The Voyager Pack for $250 and the Voyager plus for $375 will also grant you to the betas and Alpha. 

That being said, these packs will also include various other items such as months of game time and cosmetic skins, so we recommend choosing a pack that includes the most items to your liking or the one that has the most alpha/beta time. But the best way to earn Alpha access would be to simply join every giveaway on the official Ashes of Creation website. 

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