Nintendo Switch Sports is the latest installment in the Nintendo Sports series. With it comes a new type of avatar with numerous customization options. But if you prefer the classic experience, you can play as a Mii. Here is how to play as a Mii in Nintendo Switch Sports.

How to use Miis in Nintendo Switch Sports

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There are two ways to use Miis in Nintendo Switch Sports. You will be prompted to create your avatar when beginning a career and can do so then or at any time later. Here is how to use a Mii in Nintendo Switch Sports.

  • Select a sport from the sport selection screen.
  • Begin your career.
  • In the avatar creation screen, select Body.
  • Go to Miis and select one of your Miis.

If you have already begun your career and created an avatar, follow the steps below instead.

  • From the sports selection screen, select Customization in the bottom-right corner.
  • Navigate to the Body option and click it.
  • Then, select the Mii option.
  • Select one of the Miis you have created.

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