Windtrace, Monstadt’s most elaborate game of hide-and-seek, is back and trickier than ever! In this event, you’re randomly assigned to the role of Rebel or Hunter. Rebels must work together and, with the help of a few tricks, avoid being caught by the Hunter. Windtrace will run between Jan. 13, 2022 to Jan. 27, 2022, and is open to all players Adventure Rank 20 and above.

There are multiple Contested Areas across all three regions, but to unlock Inazuma areas, players must first complete the Ritou Escape Plan World Quest and uncover the first Inazuma Statue of The Seven.


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Speak to Gygax in Monstadt and choose to play Windtrace. You’ll be grouped with random players in Co-op and will randomly be assigned the role of Hunter or Rebel. There can only be one Hunter and up to three Rebels in each group.

As a Hunter, your goal is to catch all the Rebels in the group. During the preparation period, Rebels will be looking for places to hide, while your vision will be obstructed by a barrier.

How to Catch Rebels

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Use the Elemental Skill button to summon a barrier that will catch all Rebels within the vicinity. This Skill contains three charges, which means you can cast it three times in a row. A new charge regenerates every five seconds.

Be careful as this can also capture baits placed by Rebels, which will obscure part of your vision for a few seconds.


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Hunters boast a few tricks that can make it easier to catch pesky Rebels, and these can be activated using the Normal Attack button. There are two tricks that you can switch between by entering the event menu. Select Windward Art, Hunter, and the first option should have two Skills that you can switch between. You can only do so while outside of the Windtrace area.

  • Sensor Aura: scouts the area within a certain vicinity and alerts you of any Rebel movements.
  • Mysterious Hunch: reveals footprints pointing to the direction of the Rebels.


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By around the midway point of the game, clusters of Anemo may appear around the map. Walking toward these will grant you the buff that you set for the game. Like tricks, these can be switched from the event menu. Rebels will also be notified when any of these buffs are active.

  • Imprisoning Curse: removes a Rebel’s disguise and imprisons them for about 40 seconds; they will be immobile during this period.
  • Insight: reveals the location of all Rebels on the mini-map and within your field of view as a pillar of light for a few seconds. Rebels can’t disguise themselves during this period.
  • Hunter’s Intuition: works like Insight, but only reveals the location of one Rebel for a longer period.

What if You Don’t Catch All Rebels?

If you don’t catch all or any Rebel at all, don’t worry as you’ll still get Windtrace Coins for your effort, albeit a much smaller number.

Check out our guide on How to play as a Rebel in the Windtrace event in Genshin Impact if your luck lands you on the other end of the stick.

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