If you are looking to try your hands at the latest Resident Evil Village demo, here’s how and where you can do it

How to download the Resident Evil Village Demo

If you want to play the Resident Evil Village demo, you will need to head on over your chosen platform’s storefront. Once located, you should be able to download the demo right to your hard drive. 

When it finishes downloading, you will be able to play for 60 minutes and experience a taste of everything the game has to offer and some of the areas in the game. You will also need to download the game before the extended expire date on May 9th,

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After the expiration date, you will not be able to play the demo again. You will also not be able to play the demo past 60 minutes. However, there is a way you can reset the demo timer found by steam user Leaves, but this only applies to the Steam version of the demo. That being said, follow the steps below to extend and reset the demo’s 60-minute limit.

How to reset the Resident Evil Village Steam Demo Timer

  • Disable Steam Cloud for the Village demo.
  • Download Steam Sam 
  • Delete local savefiles – you can find these files here 
  • (Located: D:Steamuserdata<YOUR STEAM ID>1541780remotewin64_save
  • After the files above are deleted, start Steam Sam and Select the Resident Evil Village Demo
  • Once selected, remove all achievements and stats from the demo and then hit confirm.

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