To pick up items in Project Zomboid, you will first need to locate an object you can pick up, like a fridge, chair, oven, or curtain. Next, find the pick-up option at the top left of your screen and then hover over the object you wish to pick up.

While hovering over the item you want to pick up, right-click, and your character will then pick the item up, but only if you have the right tools. In short, similar to dismantling items, some things will require you to have a specific tool before you can pick it up. 

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For example, view the screen we have below. where it shows that an oven requires a utility knife or a screwdriver before you can pick it up

Many items in Project Zomboid will also require tools before you can pick them up. But on the plus side, you pick up pretty much all items you see in buildings. 

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

However, how do you exactly pick up items? Well, it’s easy; start by finding the object interaction icon on the top left of your screen. If you are unsure where this icon is, view the image below for where the option is.

Under this cabinet icon, you will find various options for interacting with objects in Project Zomboid. The first one is to pick items up, and the second is to place them, followed by rotating and disassembling.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Use the first option if you want to pick an item up, and then when you want to place an item, hit the tab key to change to the place an item option.  

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