In Age of Empires IV matches, Relics are placed throughout the map to collect gold passively. They are sparse, but they can definitely contribute to a winning formula during a match, as they can easily replace gold-mining villagers that players can better use somewhere else. For this reason, it’s a good idea to collect them early.

To pick up a Relic, you will need to produce religious units. Every civilization has its own religious unit, and some are available earlier than others. We’re using the English Monk unit for this example, but you can use the list below to see which unit in your civilization can pick up the Relic.

  • English: Monk (Monastery)
  • French: Monk (Monastery)
  • Chinese: Monk (Monastery)
  • Holy Roman Empire: Prelate (Town Center)
  • Mongols: Shaman (Prayer Tent)
  • Rus: Warrior Monk (Abbey of Trinity, Monastery)
  • Delhi Sultanate: (Mosque, Dome of the Faith)
  • Abbasid Dynasty: Imam (Mosque)
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Once you have one unit listed above, select them. Then, mouse over the Relic and right-click it to assign the unit to that Relic. Your mouse icon will change to a hand with a green up arrow when you can pick it up.

Sometimes, this can be difficult since the game has a glitch where it’s hard to mouse over the Relic properly. Try changing the angle of the game view or zooming in/out to get a better view of the Relic to fix this.

Once you have the Relic, you can place it in strategic locations or inside buildings for special perks!

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