Passing can be done by pressing X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox). However, to master playmaking and good passing on the offensive end, players should know all the different ways to pass. Here are all of the advanced passing controls and how to use them effectively.

Icon passing allows you to select any teammate to throw the ball to. To perform an icon pass:

Press R1 (PlayStation), or RB (Xbox), then press a face button to pass to that teammate.

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Players can also modify the type of pass thrown, changing it to a bounce pass, a skip pass, or the classic alley-oop. Here are all of the ways to throw different passes in NBA 2K22.

  • Bounce Pass — Tap Circle (PlayStation), or B (Xbox)
  • Flashy Pass — Double tap Circle (PlayStation, or B (Xbox)
  • Skip Pass — Hold X (PlayStation), or A (Xbox). Holding the pass button longer will skip over the teammate closest to you and pass to the further one.
  • Fake Pass — Tap Triangle + Circle (PlayStation), or Y + B (Xbox)
  • Alley-oop — Double tap Triangle (PlayStation), or double tap Y (Xbox)
  • Lead Pass — Hold Triangle (PlayStation), or Hold Y (Xbox). This will lead a teammate on a basket cut. Release button to pass.
  • Full Reciever Control — Hold Circle (PlayStation), or B (Xbox) and move pass receiver with left analog stick. Release button to pass.
Screenshot via 2K Sports

All the above advanced passing controls can be extremely helpful in every situation on offense. Using these controls at the right time will make getting assists and baskets much easier. Bounce passes are effective when trying to pass around bigger defenders or in a tight window. Skip passes are great for using to hit an open corner shooter or to select another teammate during fast breaks.

The alley-oop is one of the most effective ways to get the ball to a teammate near the basket for easy points. Alley-oops can be thrown from nearly everywhere, but keep note of the passing skill and lob catching skill of the two players. The Special Delivery and Lob City Finisher badges greatly improve alley-oop success. On next-gen versions of NBA 2K22, alley-oops require dunk timing and can even be thrown as a bounce pass.

Try out all the different passing methods to find the ones that work best with your playstyle. There are many ways to throw passes so practice them in different situations and throw some impressive dimes.

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