Parrying is a key mechanic in Roblox Demonfall that every player should spend time learning early in the game. Whether you’re playing in PVP or Story Mode, understanding the timing behind a successful parry could mean the difference between life or death.

To parry in Roblox Demonfall, hold F on your keyboard just before the enemy hits you. If pressed in time with the opponent’s strike, a short animation will play where you grab the opponent and return the oncoming damage. Timing your parry takes lots of practice, so don’t expect to get it right the first couple of times.

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A successful parry will deal back 2.5 Light Attack damage to your enemy, according to developer Fireheart Studio, which is exactly why learning this mechanic is so important. This amount of damage give you an offensive advantage with one keystroke or, at the very least, even the playing field on your health and the enemy’s health. If you practice this early in the game, you’ll be well-equipped against Demon Slayers, Demons, and Hybrids that attempt to block your path.

While a useful mechanic in PVP, learning how to parry could also mean life or death during the Demonfall tutorial, which ultimately decides your race in the game. While fighting the first demon in the tutorial, killing the monster establishes your race as a Demon Slayer. Losing to the monster, however, turns you into a Demon. If you intend on staying a Demon Slayer, parrying this first enemy will give you a huge advantage.

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