You’ll need to move fast and use your Soul Cards efficiently if you want to be the top Neon in Neon White. You have various weapons at your disposal, but you will start every level with your trusty katana. This is important, as you will need it to get the Parry achievement. This may leave you wondering how to parry in Neon White.

How to get the Parry Achievement in Neon White

Parrying in Neon White is as simple as attacking with your katana against a projectile. The hard part comes when you want to get the Parry achievement, as you will need to kill an enemy with a parried bullet. To do this, you must time your parry with the enemy’s shot and be in the right position.

Neon White Demon
Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

We recommend getting the Parry achievement against one of the yellow enemies. These enemies are larger and telegraph their attack. The bullet they shoot is also large and easy to strike with your parry. The closer you are to the enemy, the more likely the bullet will go directly back at them and kill them.

Once you parry and kill an enemy this way, you will earn the achievement. You do not need to finish the level. You can then restart the level or exit back to the level select. Finally, be careful that you don’t swing your katana too much before getting the parry kill, or you will end up with just your fists.

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