Moonbreaker is a strategy game that combines turn-based battles with the painting of miniature figurines. The gameplay can be described as a love child of XCOM and Hearthstone, but that only explains half of the game. To fight, you’ll use digital miniatures in the style of Warhammer 40K that you can paint, just like in real life! Your units won’t be stronger, but they sure will look better!

How to paint Miniature Figurines in Moonbreaker

In Moonbreaker, you can paint your digital figurines just like in real life by choosing colors and painting techniques. This way, you’ll have unique-looking miniatures to use in digital tabletop battles. To start coloring units, you need to enter a painting menu:

  1. Go to the Select & Paint menu.
  2. Click on a Moonbreaker character that you want to paint.
  3. Select the Paint option in the lower right corner.
  4. Select the New scheme if you want to start the paint job from scratch.
  5. Select the Duplicate scheme (the “plus button” on top of the screen) if you’re going to edit the existing look.
  6. Start painting using the painting menu.
Moonbreaker painting menu
Image by GameTips.PRO

How to use painting options in Moonbreaker

To paint figurines, use a color menu on the right side of the screen. Here you’ll find different painting techniques. If you’re an avid figurines painter, you’ll be right at home, but as a new player, you’ll need some help. Here’s how to use different painting options in Moonbreaker.

What does the Paint option do in Moonbreaker?

  • Press the Painting button to start with a base color. You can change color during this phase by simply clicking on another in the menu on the right side. You can also create a custom color in the lower right area of the screen. To avoid crossing the lines between segments, use the Toggle Auto Mask option.

What does the Wash option do in Moonbreaker?

  • To highlight the darker parts of the model, use the Wash option. For best results, experiment with the Paint Opacity option on the right side of the screen. Here you’ll see a dropper that you can use to select the color that you’ve already used on some parts of the model. That is important if you need to return to the Wash option later and you need the same color.

What does the Dry Brush option do in Moonbreaker?

  • You can use the Dry Brush option to paint the raised edges of, for example, body armor. This way, you’ll highlight the details of the model.

What does the Airbrush option do in Moonbreaker?

  • Airbrush is used to apply paint to the surface. This will cover the base color depending on how much spray you use. This way, you can create a dirty look or point out color crossings between painting regions.

What does the Stipple option do in Moonbreaker?

  • Use the Splatter paint option on a model to create decals. You can experiment with multiple color combinations depending on what look you want to achieve.

What does the Decal option do in Moonbreaker?

  • The Decal option lists all unlocked decal shapes you can use for a paint job.

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