In Expeditions: Rome, players are told to pacify regions, but it’s unclear how they should do it. Pacifying regions is necessary, as players cannot take over or perform legion missions until the region has been pacified.

To begin pacifying a region, speak to the camp’s administrators. One of the two administrators will have a mission that the player must complete before the region is considered pacified. The mission is usually to stop remaining rebels by attacking their camp with a small party.

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There are normally different objects to complete, such as burning lumber to prevent pirates and rebels from making ships, but it’s generally simpler than killing everyone. Before completing other missions, players should pacify the region first since it allows them to send their legion to conquer much-needed resource areas while doing side missions.

If players don’t do this early, they’ll spend a lot of time waiting at the map while the legion takes over. After a region has been completely taken over and pacified, it’s safe to move on to the next one.

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