Once you really start getting into Horizon Forbidden West, you will notice that the map is huge. This means that getting around on foot simply isn’t going to be a very viable option. If you don’t want to walk everywhere, then you simply need to find yourself a good mount.

To Override a machine, you simply need to find a suitable candidate and sneak up on it. Once you have gotten close to the unalerted machine, hold the triangle button to mount it. You will now be able to easily get around parts of the map using your new mount.

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You should note that riding a mount doesn’t completely protect you from hostile enemies. You will also find that you have to leave your mount behind when going into settlements and while exploring verticle areas.

Your mounts are going to primarily be your way to get from different points on the map with ease. You should also expect to override quite a few machines throughout the game, so practicing the skill around Chainscrape is advised.

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