Stealth kills are always handy when you are trying to remain undetected in certain areas. Sure the run and gun approach works well, but specific situations you want to avoid, especially when enemies start using more equipment.

To kill an enemy in silence, you have to overheat the implants in their head, but this can only be done on an unaware enemy. If the enemy knows your whereabouts or has seen you in the area, then you can no longer instant kill them.

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To overheat them is straightforward, stealth towards them, so you are in close proximity to them, and a prompt will appear over their head. This is Y on the controller or 2 on the keyboard.

When you see an image of a chip on screen, you need to keep tapping Y or 2 until the grey chip turns red. The enemy will keel over dead when it’s fully red, with other enemies none the wiser.

Remember, if the enemy knows of your presence, the button prompt to overheat will never appear. You have to be silent and stealthy to accomplish this move.

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