Alabaster lives up to its name of being a city rather than a simple town. Part of what makes the place so big is its depths—a school called the Foundation. On the very bottom level (B4) is a locked door that needs a numbered password. How do you open it?

You can open the locked down after you’ve confronted Landa in her room. The password will be on her desk (5731). You don’t need to memorize it; the game will remember for you. The door leads to an emergency escape passage to the city.

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There is also a firmly shut door in B1. Guards of the Ivory Order are on the other side of it. It can never be opened, so it’s alright to leave it alone.

After you’ve gotten out, a short cutscene will trigger, and you’ll be forced out of the city. You won’t be able to enter the Foundation temporarily, but you’ll be granted access again once the chapter ends. Enjoy the conclusion to the Ivory Maiden’s story.

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