Inscryption is a dark deck-building game that features numerous puzzles and secrets within its three acts. Unfortunately, many can be missed if the player isn’t paying attention or collecting the right items. One of these secrets is the locked door in the Dank Crypt of Inscryption’s Act 3.

To open the locked door, you will need to get the Bone Lord’s key in Act 2. Without this, you cannot open the lock and enter the Bone Lord’s domain. Once inside, the Bone Lord will speak to you, but the screen fades to black, so you cannot hear what is said. However, Luke does hear and makes an exclamation.

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As of now, there is no indication of what the Bone Lord said to Luke, but it is startling. The only clue is something mentioned of the “Old Data.” Many fans have created theories of this Old Data, but the developer has said nothing.

Inscryption is full of these secrets and puzzles that perfectly encapsulate the dark and ominous theme present throughout the game. Continue playing, and you will likely uncover even more secrets.

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