After deciding what to do with The Expert, you have to find two creditors you can make a “deal” with before SecurTech goes to auction. Even worse now that the police are involved.

However, before you can find them, you need to track down a person named Bizowski. But before that, you have to unlock a couple of gates, patrolled by police drones, to reach him. If a drone sees you, it’s almost instantly game over, and you need to retry again, back at the start of the mission.

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You first need to hack the gate to activate the sonar to track down three devices to open the gate. When all three blue devices are discovered, the gate will open. Yet, trying to find these devices while avoiding police drones is incredibly annoying.

The drones are on a set path, but they’re all on different timings, so always be on the lookout. Because just because one drone is looking away doesn’t mean the second one isn’t.

Remember to stay stealthy and crouch down, because like we said, if the drones see you, you have to restart the area again. There’s a total of three gates to open, with difficulty increasing for everyone. Follow these pictures below to locate the devices for each gate.

Gate 1

Gate 2

Gate 3

The third gate switches are spread over two areas instead of the one like gate one/two. The last switch is located to the left of the final area, along the pathway with the one drone. Each area has two drones, but this section only has one.

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