While the central premise of Praey for the Gods is to hunt down and slay the giant creatures that roam its frozen lands, there are some other things to do. Early on, the player will find a note below the plateau where the temple is. This will place a red X on the player’s map and send them off on a treasure hunt.

The player will find a cave with three faces inside at this location. The center face will have a cage that contains a chest. The ones on the left and right will have fire in their eyes. To solve this puzzle and open the chest, players must light the eyes in the center face.

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The easiest way to do this is to climb up to one of the faces on the right or left. Then simply pull out a wooden club and approach the burning eyes. Your club will light on fire. Take this to the center face and bring your club close to both eyes to light them. Once you have done so, the cage will open, and the player can open the chest. The chest contains Medium Boots, which is an upgraded equipment piece.

If you are having trouble reaching the cave, the easiest way to get to it is to climb up the rocks opposite it. The stones on the cave side are too slick to climb. However, you can easily jump off and use the glider to reach the wooden platforms from the opposite side.

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