Puzzles serve as frequent roadblocks in Resident Evil Village and opening the castle gates in the Graveyard is no exception. This particular obstacle requires two missing crests: the Maiden Crest and the Demon Crest. In order to get into Lady Dimitrescu’s castle, you’ll need to find these key items.

This quest will lead you to Luiza’s house and back to the Graveyard. Along the way you will fight through lycans and meet some more villagers. Above all, don’t expect this short mission to go as planned for Ethan.

How to find the Maiden Crest

The Maiden Crest requires the least amount of work to find. Upon leaving the Graveyard area you will stumble upon a small house. This is the Church. Inside the Church is the Maiden Crest which sits atop a mantle with, presumably, all the villains Ethan will face later in the game. Grab the Maiden Crest before leaving this area.

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How to find the Demon Crest

In the next area is a cornfield with three lycans hiding out of sight. Dispatch these monsters one at a time, if possible, and enter the small hut. You will meet two allies inside the hut who will help you enter Luiza’s house. Exit the back window of the small hut and climb the rock to reach Luiza’s house. Once back here, unlock the gate to allow your two allies through.

Once inside Luiza’s house, sit through a cutscene and watch the mayhem ensue. When you regain control of Ethan you must find the Truck Key. These are inside one of the drawers within the Kitchen.

More important is the Screwdriver that is hidden inside the Truck Key. Upon examining the Truck Key, rotate the object until you are prompted to open the leather clip by pressing X (PS4/PS5). You’ll need the Screwdriver to get the Demon Crest.

Go back and enter the Truck to enter another semi-cutscene. Eventually, you will exit Luiza’s house, winding up where you first entered her house. Before leaving this area, look to your right toward what looks like a bird cage. Unlock the cage with the Screwdreiver to get the Demon Crest.

After you’ve retrieved the Maiden and Demon Crests, return to the Castle Gates. You must fit and position the crests correctly to gain access to the castle. The Maiden Crest fits on the left side and the Demon Crest fits on the right side.

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