Throughout the world of GTFO, players can expect to encounter locked entrances known as security doors—or “gates”—and contain the prisoners within specific parts of the complex. These doors are restrictive barriers between separate areas and prohibit prisoners from progressing unless unlocked.

To do this, prisoners must interact with the doors by standing near them. When they do, a mandatory biometric scan initiates, requesting that all players are present to allow further access. When the progress bar reaches 100 percent, the option to open the door will appear on screen.

BE WARNED: Nearby Scouts (special enemies in GTFO with tentacles/feelers) will be alerted by the sound of the door opening. Therefore, players must be ready for immediate combat if they hear Scouts patrolling security gates.

GTFO cooperative gameplay invites players to take control of “prisoners” and explore an underground complex; the prisoners are forced to complete numerous life-threatening tasks for a mysterious entity known as The Warden.

Developed by the Swedish Indie studio, 10 Chambers Collective, GTFO is a survival horror game that uses the first-person shooter mechanic. Originally, GTFO released on Steam’s Early Access for Microsoft Windows, but it released officially at The Game Awards 2021 on Dec. 10.

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