Back 4 Blood may pit players against ferocious infected corpses known as Ridden, but the game boasts a host of secrets only the most diligent looters can attain. Across the world of Back 4 Blood, players encounter doors with a yellow symbol painted on the front that remains locked without the proper gear. How do players pry break into these areas?

To open locked doors in Back 4 Blood, players can use Tool Kits, one of the game’s consumable resources sold at stores in safe rooms at the beginning of rounds. Head over to the orange supply box within each Safe Room to purchase one of these kits with some of the copper you scrounged up in missions. Lucky players might also find them scattered around the levels of the game with a bit of searching.

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Players can also use Tools Kits to open orange cases around the map with precious gear and locked doors in Back 4 Blood. The contents of these locked rooms and containers can range from rare weapons, medkits, first aid stations, and even a mini-gun to help mow down hordes of Ridden with ease.

Some locked doors can be broken down without the use of Tool Kits, as well. Depending on how strong the door is, players may bash the door using their melee. Make sure to try brute force on locked doors without a yellow symbol strewn across them, as many of these locks are weaker.

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