If you’re trying to complete Fortnite‘s Chapter 2, Season 7 low-gravity challenge, we’ve got you covered on different ways to finish the quest.

First, you’ll want to start in Holly Hatchery (formerly Holly Hedges), which is filled with low-gravity areas. You’ll know you’re in a low-gravity area based on the purple screen effect. Run inside the houses in these areas and loot the chests and ammo boxes you find here—just watch out for the alien embassies that are crawling around these spaces.

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As a second option, you can also use the Alien Nanites that appear on your map. You can throw Alien Nanites like normal grenades, and when they land, they form temporary low-gravity areas. Use Alien Nanites in areas with multiple chests or ammo boxes to complete your challenge.

For more details on this Epic Quest, check out the YouTube video embedded below.

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