Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 currently has seven vaults in the game, and all of them are located at Seven Outposts. Vaults usually open when a team has more than one player, but you can unlock vaults in solo mode as well. 

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There are several methods to do this in solo mode, and we will highlight all of them. However, the easiest method is to hire an NPC and take the character down to the vaults to unlock them instantly. 

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The first method is to land at the Launchpad landmark, east of the Sanctuary POI. Find the Visitor and hire him for 95 gold bars. Swim to the island south of the Launchpad where the vault is located. Make sure to keep up with your NPC ally and lead him down to the vaults. After scanning two bodies the vault will open automatically.

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The second method requires players to trap NPCs without shooting them. Essentially for this technique, you would have to harvest the structure above the vaults, and turn them into your own builds. Once the NPC walks into your box, edit it to drop them down to the vault, and close any of the escape gaps with remaining builds. The vault will detect two bodies and open on its own.

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The last method involves knocking down a Seven Member NPC found at these vaults all across the map. You can then carry the knocked NPC down to the basement to unlock the vault. The biggest flaw in this method is that once you shoot down a Seven Member, all the other NPCs will start shooting at you. 

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