The Tonic of Forgetfulness in Elden Ring is one of the Key Items that is used to unlock quests and specific areas to progress the story. If the player has forgotten how to get this item and what is needed to do, we’ll go over all of it. Rya and Lady Tanith are the main characters that players will be dealing with in order to obtain the Tonic of Forgetfulness.

Get invited to the Volcano Manor

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Players will receive the Tonic of Forgetfulness from Lady Tanith at the Volcano Manor, but first, they must advance her questline. To reach the Volcano Manor players need to start Rya’s quest in Liurnia. She’ll be at the Scenic Isle on the southern end of the territory, in the pavilion near the Bird’s Eye Telescope. This will require the player to collect her necklace from the Blackguard Big Bogart, not far from Rya at the Boilprawn Shack. When players return to her there, she’ll gift the player an invitation to Volcano Manor to see Lady Tanith.

Before meeting up with Rya again, players should collect the two halves of the Dectus Medallion. One will be in Fort Haight in southeastern Limgrave, the other in Fort Faroth in the mid-northern section of Caelid. Once this has been done, Rya will go to the top of the Grand Lift of Dectus. Meet her there and activate the lift. If she isn’t there, players can find her at the Erdtree Gazing Hill just northwest of the lift. Upon meeting up with her, players can take her hand to be transported to Volcano Manor.

Volcano Manor is at the far northwestern edge of the Altus Plateau. At Volcano Manor, players can then speak to Lady Tanith and begin her Tarnished-hunting quest. This will prompt the player to assassinate three Tarnished targets. Don’t complete all three before returning, or players will not receive the Tonic of Forgetfulness.

Assassinate two of three targets

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Instead, speak to Rya and complete the first of the three assassinations before returning to her. When initially speaking with her, she will be in the banquet hall near the letters that give players the assassination targets and locations. The first target will be Old Knight Istvan. Killing him will grant players the Scaled Armor set and returning to Lady Tanith to inform her of his death will gran the player Magma Shot.

Find Rya again. This time she’ll be in the room that is the second door on the right down the hall. She’ll be in her true form, that of a giant serpent or her Zorayas form, in one of the rooms of the manor.

Leave once more and complete the second assassination before returning again. This target is Rileigh the Idle, and players will receive the Crepus’ Vial Talisman from his body. Report back to Tanith to receive the Serpentbone Blade. She’ll also drop a hint about a secret wall in the next room of the manor. Speak to Rya once more in her human form back in the banquet hall to continue the questline.

Follow the secret of Volcano Manor

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Once Tanith has told the player character about the secret of the manor, players can use the secret to head deeper inside Volcano Manor. Use the dodge roll into the fake wall in order to dispel it. This path will lead down to the Prison Town Church Site of Grace. Open the doors at the far end of the church to continue the quest.

After doing this, players will need to return to Rya and let her know about the dark aspect of Volcano Manor. Now players will need to go through the underside of Volcano Manor to reach the Temple of Eiglay. Make sure to grab the Site of Grace in the Guest Hall along the way.

Once players reach the Temple of Eiglay, they can find the Godskin Noble boss. Defeat him to get the Noble Presence incantation. Pick up the Serpent’s Amnion from the altar in the boss room and return it to Rya. Speak through every bit of her optional dialogue to advance the quest. Reload the area to make Rya disappear. Speak with Lady Tanith about Rya and she won’t have much to offer on her whereabouts. However, speak with her a second time to receive the Tonic of Forgetfulness.

Where and how to use the Tonic of Forgetfulness

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Once players have the Tonic of Forgetfulness, there are a couple of ways that they can use it.

  1. Listen to Lady Tanith – If the player wishes to respect Lady Tanith’s wishes, they can offer the Tonic of Forgetfulness to Rya. Players can find Rya if they take the lift up from the Temple of Eiglay and jump off into the hidden exit near the top floor. When gifting the Tonic of Forgetfulness to Rya, she will fall asleep and return to her original room.
    • If players don’t give Rya the Tonic of Forgetfulness there are two other options to do with Rya. The first is to kill her. If this is done, she will turn back into a snake and drop the Daedicar’s Woe Talisman.
    • Lastly, players can leave her alive and return to her after defeating the final boss in the Volcano Manor; Rykard. This action will cause a new line of dialogue, and once the area has been reloaded she will be gone. Left behind are the Daedicar’s Woe Talisman and Zorayas’ Letter.
  2. Gift the Tonic to Brother Corhyn – If the player wants, they can attempt to give the tonic to Brother Corhyn after his journey with Goldmask. He’ll be at the Stargazer’s Ruins in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Brother Corhyn will begin to doubt his master, allowing the player to offer the tonic. However, he will refuse to accept the tonic and stay in his current position for the rest of the game.

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