Depending on who you choose to sell to Lady Hellbender depends on if you can even negotiate with her in Chapter Four. If you tried to sell Rocket, negotiations automatically shut down, and she’ll laugh at your attempt to fool her with selling a little woodland animal, then all hell breaks loose.

If you choose Groot, you will succeed in whatever options you choose, but you can walk away with more money by making the correct decisions as the amount is wholly tied to the dialogue.

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To negotiate for the most units, you need to choose the following dialogue choices. Encourage Drax to flirt with Lady Hellbender and then Support Drax, when Rocket starts mouthing off, to earn 12,000 Units. By choosing dialogues that Peter takes control and not Drax will earn you less.

After Groot is sold, you will sneak into Lady Hellbenders Throne Room to end the chapter. These negotiation options don’t even appear if you attempted to sell Rocket, and the rest of Chapter Four plays out differently depending on who you chose.

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