There have been dangerous areas in Genshin Impact before, but none quite like Enkanomiya. Enkanomiya is essentially just waiting for you to hurl yourself into its abyss. Without the proper preparation, you are likely to find that getting around this region is frustrating, at best.

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When you first get to Enkanomiya, it doesn’t seem troubling. By the time you open the door at the end of the Serpent’s Bowls, though, you learn that getting around isn’t going to be that easy. There are tons of areas where you can fall, and gliding is an essential way to move around.

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Here are some tips for making navigation in Enkanomiya easier:

  • Increase your stamina bar by donating to the statue of the seven in Liyue and Mondstadt.
  • Unlock the regions map. Without it, you can’t properly judge the gaps between islands.
  • Use stamina boosting foods when gliding.
  • Make use of the ghostfish to carry you around the map and reach special portals.
  • Do the quest Erebos’ Secret to safetly unlock the secret islands.
  • Use portals to zap you across the map.
  • Use constructs and characters like Kazuha to give you a boost into the air.
  • Keep in mind that you can’t ride on the manta rays, but touching them won’t hurt you.

There are several dangerous places in Enkanomiya, especially when moving between islands. You also need to be vigilant of holes in broken bridges and how much energy you have left before you start gliding.

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