To name pets in Valheim, you will need to walk up to your tamed creature, and press left shift and E. Doing so will allow you to give your recently tamed creatures a new name, and it will display over their heads after you make the change.

Should you ever wish to change it, simply press left shift and E again, and you can then change it by inputting a brand new name into the text box. 

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However, you will first need to get a tame creature if you want to name it, and you can do so by following the tips and steps listed below. 

  • Locate a Boar, Wolf, or Lox
  • Sneak up and leave food for the animal: carrots for Boars, meat for Wolfs, and cloudberries for Loxs. We recommend making troll armor to help you sneak up on creatures without making them hostile.
  • Keep feeding the creatures food, and eventually, they will become tamed. 

You can also try capturing creatures by luring them back to a cage and having a friend close a gate when the creature follows you in. Doing so will allow you to feed your captured creatures without having to worry about them running off. 

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