The Sims Mobile offers a pocket-sized experience of the classic series, bringing home decor and customization to every player’s abode. A big dilemma that many beginners have is how to move furniture to construct stunning rooms.

Simply zoom into the furniture you’re interested in moving, then tap and hold until you see the placement menu. You can drag the furniture to freely move it to any area in your home as long as the tiles are green. If they’re red, you need to find a more spacious location. You can also rotate furniture by clicking on the rotate button at the bottom of the placement menu.

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Here are some pro tips to further help you out:

  • You can move furniture in both your home and workplace!
  • If you move a piece of furniture with another item on top of it (such as a table with a separate vase on top), all items will act as one unit and move together.
  • The game’s layering system means that some furniture will always be on the top layer, while others will always be on the bottom. For example, a carpet will always land under the bed—even if you place the bed first.

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