While playing Roblox Work at a Pizza Place, you may want to move the furniture in your home. For many players, this is difficult to figure out. So how do you do it?

Go Home & Inventory

Once you enter the game, make sure you are inside your home. You cannot be anywhere else to be able move furniture in your home. Now that you are inside your home, look inside your inventory. Inside your inventory menu, you will see a red X.


After finding the red X in your inventory, click on it. Once the red X has been selected, click on your desired piece of furniture. This will place the item back in your inventory. You then select it and choose placement. Moving furniture in Work at a Pizza Place relies on restarting the action of placing furniture. This may be a bit tedious, but this is the only current way to move furniture in the game.


While you are placing the furniture and finding a new place for the item, you can rotate the piece. To do this, hit the R button on your keyboard. This will rotate the furniture in different directions. After you are done, place the furniture by clicking your mouse to confirm.

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